Seamless launches money transfer service

SEQR app

Stockholm-based software development company, Seamless, is launching a new money transfer service (view press release). Users of SEQR including retail outlets will be able to transfer money via mobile phones into bank accounts. To use the service customers download the SEQR app. Money can then be sent to a smartphone by entering the recipient’s mobile number. Money can also be received without the app being installed. The sender invites the recipient to download SEQR and then deposits the money by selecting a bank account.

Seamless is now leading the global technology race. Our latest SEQR function adds the capability of sending money to someone else’s bank account, simply and without charge. The system is perfect for sharing a restaurant bill, for example, or buying items on Internet trading sites,” said Emil Wikström, SEQR business area chief at Seamless.

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