Contis Group provides end-to-end prepaid payment solutions

Prepaid card initiative

Payment solutions provider, Contis Group, will be providing end-to-end prepaid payment solutions, following the completion of an expansion programme, involving post-acquisition service integration and new leadership team appointments (view press release). The company will be able to launch and operator a prepaid card initiative which will incorporate BIN sponsorship, card issuance, payment processing and administration management. Subsequently, Contis aims to provide a service which offers clients cost efficiencies, greater agility in programme development, a much faster time to market and simplicity of management. All services will be delivered in-house though a single customer point of contact.

Recent expansion activity has consolidated our position in the global marketplace as a leading end-to-end provider of prepaid payments solutions,” said Mike Fromant, Group Managing Director at Contis. “By controlling all operations within the prepaid value chain, we eliminate the risks and challenges associated with third party outsourcing and can ensure that we deliver a consistent standard of excellence for our clients across all areas of the business. We are also able to react rapidly to emerging market and customer requirements, thereby providing total support for clients wishing to bring out smarter prepaid solutions, quicker than ever before.”


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