My Clear Reports incorporates MerchantCard MasterCard Prepaid Business Card

MCR virtual business centre

My Clear Reports, a payment technology provider of solutions and services, is adding the MerchantCard MasterCard Prepaid Business Card to its MCR virtual business centre for merchants (view press release). The MerchantCard is a virtual bank account and business card designed for business owners and their employees, which aims to provide the benefits of a traditional bank and debit card relationship, without the need for a bank account. My Clear Reports’ new product can be used for purchases or to access cash anywhere that MasterCard is accepted around the world. Merchants will have the ability to control funds with features such as automatic email and text alerts when purchases are made and when funds are loaded or transactions of any type occur. They will also be able to transfer funds to and from multiple cards and bank accounts and restrict use at any time. In addition, merchants can earn cash back every time their cards are used at the PoS.

MCR’s virtual business centre provides MerchantCard account access, at any time, enabling merchants to order and activate cards, manage expenses, pay bills and load and transfer funds, so that they can manage business finances.

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