WePay launches new payment button

Accept payments on merchant's own sites

Online payments provider, WePay, is launching a new payment button which allows merchants to accept payments on their own sites without requiring them to write code or redirect their customers (view press release). By embedding the button, the entire checkout process takes place on the merchant’s site, meaning that customers are not taken to another page. There are no set up or monthly fees associated with using the service, but WePay takes 2.9% and USD0.30 for credit cards and 1% and USD0.30 for bank payments.

Since we launched WePay, merchants have been asking for a better way to accept payments on their own websites. WePay already goes a long way toward improving online payments, but these Payment Buttons represent our most ambitious undertaking to date,” said WePay CEO, Bill Clerico. “We want to make accepting payments on your site as easy as embedding a YouTube video, and I believe we’ve done that. No other payment company allows you to accept payments on your own site, without requiring a redirect or any programming whatsoever.”

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