CEBP seeks feedback on QR code payment recommendations

QR code recommendations

NACHA, the Electronic Payments Association’s Council for Electronic Billing and Payment (CEBP), is collaborating with members to develop recommendations on ways to approach consumer bill payment through QR Codes (view press release). The CEBP drafted guideline proposals and is currently seeking input from the payments industry. Quick Responses (QR) Encoding for Consumer Bill Pay Guidelines identifies proposed standards for using QR codes in biller direct and consolidator/aggregator billing and payment models. It contains draft recommendations such as QR code size, data to be included and data layout.

“There has been growing interest in applying QR technology to transaction applications like bill payment to provide consumers with the opportunity to view statements, enrol for eBills, make payments, and set up payees in online banking applications,” said Eric Dunn, senior vice president, Strategic Payment Initiatives for Intuit. “As a member of the council, Intuit is pleased to work with NACHA and the CEBP membership on this particular initiative, and it has the industry representation of bill pay stakeholders and the forum needed to develop effective QR guidelines for bill pay.”

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