GlobalPlatform launches mobile contactless training session in France

GlobalPlatform for Contactless

GlobalPlatform, an organisation which standardises the management of applications on secure chip technology, is launching a one-day mobile contactless training session in Nice, France. The session will involve technical training from the industry body that manages the standardisation of applications on secure chip technology. It aims to educate participants on the role of GlobalPlatform Specifications in relation to contactless-enabled services on mobile platforms. Areas that will be covered include how GlobalPlatform’s technology supports the mobile wallet, trusted service manager (TSM) messaging and secure element management. The workshop is also an extension to the company introductory card specification training programme.

Since launching its training program, GlobalPlatform has received an overwhelming demand from the industry for this specialist knowledge. The new mobile-focused session has been created in response to an increased uptake of GlobalPlatform Specifications by stakeholders engaged in the deployment of contactless-enabled services on mobile platforms,” said, Kevin Gillick, executive director of GlobalPlatform. “The agenda is designed to provide delegates with a more detailed understanding of the capabilities and functionality of GlobalPlatform Specifications particularly in reference to mobile implementations and the advancing mobile wallet and TSM ecosystems.”

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