EMVCo partners NFC Forum to optimise NFC testing processes

Advancing NFC technology

EMVCo is partnering with the NFC Forum to optimise the development and testing processes of NFC-enabled mobile devices for vendors, by exploring the alignment of their specifications and cross-recognition of test results (view press release). Through the deal, the company’s aim to offer reduced product time-to-market and reduced certification costs to stakeholders involved in EMV-related NFC use cases and products in the contactless payments industry. EMVCo is the EMV standards body collectively owned by American Express, JCB, MasterCard and Visa while NFC Forum, is a non-profit industry association that advances the use of NFC technology.

To enable contactless to reach its full potential and facilitate the delivery of secure payment solutions, we need to create an efficient testing and certification framework that allows products to be swiftly brought to market.” Joe Cunningham, current chair of the EMVCo Executive Committee. “Alignment between industry bodies is therefore essential to ensure we apply specialist knowledge and a cohesive approach to the creation of this very innovative ecosystem. EMVCo recognises the importance of our work with the NFC Forum and is committed to progressing activity as a priority.”


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