PayPal president reacts to customer criticism

Looking to make improvements

Paypal president, David Marcus, has responded to mounting criticism from customers sparked by a customer complaint that went viral, promising to make a number of improvements to the payments company. “We’re reinventing how we work, our products, our platforms, our APIs, and our policies. This will change, and we won’t rest until you all see it,” Marcus said. The statement followed a blog post written by a customer whose account was frozen, which had attracted a slew of negative comments. The PayPal boss admits that the company has had “growing pains” however he claims that there is a cultural shift happening within the organisation. “If we suck at something, we now face it, and we do something about it.”

Marcus also reportedly took a hands-on approach to helping another customer who nearly lost USD64, 000 when his PayPal accounts were closed. Following failed attempts to contact PayPal’s customer services team, the user took to Twitter, before receiving an email from Marcus, which read “Please know that I’m now going to use your story to radically change how we deal with holds, and communicate with our customers.” The PayPal president says that the first changes to the service are due very soon.

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