YESpay launches i-EasyV chip & PIN payments for POS web apps


YESpay, a global card company, is launching a chip & PIN and contactless card payments client solution, dubbed i-EasyV, for POS web apps (view press release). i-EasyV payments client software can run on a store’s PC, while the app is compatible with standard browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The company claims that retail POS software is moving to a web centric delivery model where the presentation layer for the POS is via browsers over an Intranet Virtual Private Network (VPN) to traditional retailers. Web centric software aims to combat the problems and reduce the costs associated with the usage of POS systems.

Innovative payment and order processing POS solutions running on PCs, tablets, iPads, iPods and smart phones can now use browser based web integration methods for card present payments – a real breakthrough for web developers,” said Simon Curtis, Senior VP of Strategic Sales.

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