Mobile payments disrupt ‘business as usual’ for small businesses

Hindering business for small merchants

The rise in mobile device use, combined with an increasing number of technology offerings for mobile payment acceptance, is disrupting “business as usual” for small merchants, according to new research (view press release). A survey by ControlScan and Transit involving Level 4 merchants found that those who have relied on a credit card machine for card-present payments and a standard website for online consumers are now facing a growing consumer base that utilises smartphones to make online purchases, as well as comparison shop from in-store locations.

Consumer-based mobile technology solutions are exploding in the marketplace, promising to fundamentally change the merchant-consumer dynamic,” said Dave Abouchar, senior director of product management, ControlScan. “As small business experts, we want to understand how the Level 4 merchants we and our acquiring partners serve are adapting to this change.”


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