Cardtronics launches surcharge-free ATM locator tool


To steer customers away from fee charging ATMs, Cardtronics, an operator of automated teller machines, is launching FeeAlert (view press release). Upon analysing an individual’s real-world ATM usage behaviour, FeeAlert enables financial institutions to deliver a relevant list of nearby surcharge-free ATMs—including surcharge-free network ATMs. Cardholders can receive a personalised text or email alert from their financial institution pointing them to the nearest surcharge-free ATMs. 

Surcharge-free ATM accessibility is largely driven by awareness—a cardholder can’t use an in-network, surcharge-free cash machine if they don’t know it’s there,” said Rick Updyke, president, U.S. business group, Cardtronics. “With FeeAlert, when a cardholder uses an out-of-network ATM and pays the fee, their financial institution can send a personalised text or email alert to the cardholder’s mobile phone—steering them to nearby in-network, surcharge-free options.”

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