State Bank of India gets ‘talking’ ATMs from NCR Corporation

Voice-guided ATMs

The State Bank of India has inked a deal with NCR Corporation for voiced-guided ATMs, according to reports. The ATMs are designed to aid people with physical disabilities and those that are considered visually impaired. Around 2,500 of the bank’s ATMs will be transformed into ‘talking ATMs’, with software and hardware feature which allow a person with a disability to operate the machine independently for a transaction.

As a safety feature, the ATM can provide the customer with a blanked out screen, to avoid shoulder surfing by any by-stander trying to access customer data during the transaction. With India having one of the largest visually impaired populations in the world, the NCR ‘talking ATM’ uses a text-to-speech engine which allows voicing-out the text on the screen in multiple languages for consumer convenience.

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