Google enters UK credit card market

Pay for advertising expenditure via Google credit cards

Google has entered the credit card market in the UK, by launching AdWords, a programme that allows users to pay for advertising expenditure though a Google credit card. According to reports, the UK launch follows a pilot in the US, involving around 14,000 businesses.

The search engine giant is collaborating with Barclaycard in the UK and Comentity Capital Bank in the US to issue the Google AdWords Business Credit cards which are from MasterCard.

The cards which will not have annual fees can be used only for AdWords advertising purchases. Credit of between USD200 and USD100, 000 a month will be offered to pay for the use of Adwords, with initial interest rates of 11.9% in the UK and 8.99% in the US.

However, not everyone will be able to apply for the card, which Google says can only be applied for with an application ID issued with an invitation.

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