MICROS, POSitouch and Dinerware integrate LevelUp

Facilitating payments at the point of sale

Payments and loyalty startup, LevelUp is integrating with three point-of-sale systems, MICROS, POSitouch, and Dinerware (view press release). LevelUp transactions will be logged alongside every other credit card and cash transaction for the day, and the analytics from LevelUp’s loyalty-driving campaigns get integrated into the merchant’s existing POS system, enabling the merchant to track customer data.

When a customer of a merchant with MICROS, POSitouch or Dinerware wants to make a LevelUp transaction, the merchant will hit the LevelUp tender on their system. The customer will then scan their LevelUp code at the register with a 2D scanner to complete the transaction.

LevelUp offers zero interchange, and businesses pay 0% in processing fees.

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