Payworks launches mobile Chip & PIN solution

Payments via mobile POS

Munich-based mobile payments company, payworks, is launching a mobile Chip & Pin solution that processes both debit and credit cards (view press release). The solution allows acceptance with a smartphone or tablet and comes with a PIN entry device, for both EMV Chip and magnetic stripe cards. PIN’s are entered on an external hardware device, which is wirelessly connected to a smartphone or tablet running the mobile POS application. Conversely, when a signature is required to verify a transaction, the shopper signs on the mobile device’s touchscreen.

Payworks said that instead of deploying the solution to merchants directly, it will open its Chip & PIN infrastructure to providers of mobile POS solutions, enabling them to run the technology under their own brand. 

The solution has been created in partnership with payments transactions processor, PAY.ON.

The launch follows the deployment of payworks white label POS application at this years’ Oktoberfest.

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