ReD integrates online fraud prevention service into PayU India

Combating fraud

ReD, a provider of fraud prevention and payment services, is launching its ReD Shield online fraud prevention service for PayU India, an online and mobile payments provider. By integrating ReD Shield into PayU’s payment environments, the companies aim to shield PayU’s e-commerce customers from online fraud. Larger merchants and those with complex or distinct requirements can also take advantage of ReD’s team of analysts to create more highly tailored deployments of the solution.  

According to ReD, the deployment of its solution in India is a significant opportunity for merchants, many of whom currently struggle with the secure processing of international payments. In addition, implementing ReD’s solution will allow merchants to take advantage of international sales channels, a move which could have significant influence on revenue growth.

The risk of processing cross border transactions in India is currently quite high. By partnering with ReD we intend to change that by bringing world-class processing and risk management capabilities to India at an affordable price,” said Nitin Gupta, country head for PayU India. “This will give our merchants the confidence to open up their trading channels and benefit from the opportunities presented by international commerce.” 

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