Viableware integrates into restaurant POS systems

RAIL payment platform

Viableware, the company behind the RAIL payment platform for restaurants, is integrating its payment technology with restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems from MICROS, NCR Aloha, and Dinerware. The deal means that restaurant operators will be able to accept various forms of payment at the table such as e-wallets and smartphone payments.

The RAIL platform utilises handheld devices designed to replicate the look and feel of the traditional bill presentation folder used at most full-service restaurants. However, the RAIL device enables guests to self-swipe credit or debit cards, auto-calculate the tip, split the bill multiple ways, pay-by-item and direct-email receipts.

The system aims to reduce a restaurant’s exposure to PCI compliance costs and fines by encrypting each card transaction immediately upon swipe and eliminating the need for the restaurant to store credit card information that could be stolen. The RAIL assigns each transaction it processes with a numeric hash-tag that identifies each individual customer, enabling the restaurant to establish a rapport with customers by recalling their order and payment history upon their return.

Our integration with three major POS companies makes it extremely simple for the vast majority of full-service restaurants to embrace modern payment methods without compromising the traditional dining experience,” said Joe Snell, CEO of Viableware.  “Now restaurant operators can plug into a single piece of technology that not only accepts any type of payment – but it also addresses several key operations that impact the bottom line, from table-side service and customer retention, to credit card security and PCI compliance.”

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