AIRTAG launches toolkit for PayPass implementation

MasterCard mobile PayPass wallet applications

AIRTAG, a provider of mobile shopping solutions, is launching the AIRTAG Kit, an all-in-one toolkit designed for banks, financial institutions and mobile network operators to help reduce costs and simplify the development of MasterCard mobile PayPass wallet applications (view press release). The AIRTAG Kit was designed to be used in combination with the MasterCard Mobile PayPass User Interface Software Development Kit.

The AIRTAG kit contains all of the components needed to develop and test Mobile PayPass applications; a Samsung Galaxy S3, a USB Contactless Card Reader, demo tags and five UICC samples – which enables access to the secure element on a SIM card for development purposes. This means that high and low value contactless transactions can be simulated on the card reader, while the wallet framework can be tested and development issues can be resolved.

The AIRTAG Kit will help MasterCard partners more easily assemble the components they need, and access the support necessary, to leverage the full potential of the MobilePayPass UI SDK,” said James Anderson, SVP of Mobile Product Development at MasterCard.

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