Middle-aged Swedes show biggest interest in mobile shopping

Mobile shopping

Interest in mobile shopping is at its highest in the age groups 30- 49 years, according to a new customer survey (view press release). Payair, a provider of mobile payments in Sweden, polled 483 consumers which showed that 28% of those aged 30-39 years old are interested in shopping with their mobile phones today. This is a higher percentage than any other age group. The age group 40-49 years follows closely behind with a 25% interest. In addition, as many as 14% of people aged 50-59 years are interested in mobile shopping.

Payair’s survey showed that young adults are not as interested in mobile shoppin as their older counterparts, with only 22% of those aged 20-29 showing an interest in mobile shopping, with those under 19% less interested with 3.5%.

Men aged 30-39 are the most interested in mobile shopping among all men that participated, while the age group 40-49 years is the greatest among women (32%).

Security was identified as the main barrier for consumers when it comes to mobile shopping, with this being of greater concern for women (64%) than for men.

The result is opposite to common belief that those who embrace new technology are primarily young people,” said Payair’s CEO, Staffan Ljung. “It is very satisfying to find that mobile shopping attracts consumers in their middle ages and even older, and this is an important lesson for us and the entire industry to learn from in order to develop and market services and offerings accordingly.”

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