TSYS and Truaxis to create transaction specific marketing offers

Loyalty solutions

TSYS is partnering with MasterCard company, Truaxis, to create transaction specific marketing offers (view press release). The new offering will integrate cardholder spending patterns and behaviour with a platform which delivers personalised rewards, offers, loyalty incentives and other services to the end consumer.

Research by Aite Group found that 45% of consumers are interested in receiving daily offers from their primary institution. In addition, the company estimates that by 2015 more than 460 million US cardholders will subscribe to merchant-funded incentive programmes. 

TSYS offers global solutions that allow businesses, retailers and financial institutions to capitalise on big data insights and fine-tune marketing and loyalty programmes through analytics and transaction-level data. The result is delivery of customer specific offers, through existing channels including online banking, mobile, SMS, email and print statements.

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