New credit card offers customers ‘unique’ rewards

New credit card

UMB Bank is launching a new credit card that will allow brands, retailers, non-profit organisations or entertainers to offer consumers the chance to earn rewards by using an ePlate credit card (view press release).

UMB Bank, a subsidiary of UMB Financial Corporation, in partnership with Dynamics Inc., have launched the ePlate card to give companies and organisations a way to build loyalty and greater connection with the consumer, by becoming an ePlate Experience™ Provider. This will allow customers to go online and personalise their rewards preferences from a selection of experiences offered by consumer brands, retailers, charitable organisations, entertainers etc.

This ‘first-to-market’ credit card was developed to give companies a way to drive stronger engagement with consumers, essentially making them brand loyalists. And since the experience a company offers will be exclusive to the ePlate card, cardholders gain something from the company’s brand that they can’t find anywhere else,” said George Schmelzel, senior vice president of UMB Payment Solutions.

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