Norse Corp announce the launch of new Instant Accept service

Instant Accept

A new service called Instant Accept, which allows accountants, payment processors, banks and ISOs to integrate their transaction processing with QuickBooks, has been launched by NorseCorp (view press release).

NorseCorp, a provider of Internet security intelligence and payment solutions, says that the new service will give merchants the ability to process all types of electronic payments, including ACH transactions and directly record transactions within QuickBooks as they happen.

Brent Gephart, Vice President of Payments Strategy and Operations for NorseCorp, said: “For merchants, Instant Accept serves as a virtual point of sale terminal within QuickBooks, and can replace the physical POS terminal. And merchants will not need to switch from their current payment processor to adopt it. Instant Accept gives merchants a very easy to use interface that takes care of front office and back office paperwork in one stroke.”

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