WorldPay partners with UATP

Partnering for payment offering

WorldPay, a payment processor, and UATP, the low cost payment network owned by airlines, are partnering to enable airline and travel merchants to access UATP through WorldPay (view press release). The partnership will enable airlines and travel agency merchants to offer UATP as a form of payment. It will also provide UATP customers with access to an integrated payment gateway with around 200 alternative payment types. The integration with UATP and WorldPay fully supports Airline Level III data, enabling card issuers to provide card holders with detailed information on the travel purchased. This provides increased reporting for airline and travel merchants via the WorldPay API.

“WorldPay strives to offer its merchants the broadest range of alternative payment options,” said Philip McGriskin, chief product officer of WorldPay. “This partnership with UATP represents this commitment and understanding that UATP is an industry preferred payment method, and the benefits it offers airline and travel merchants. Merchants should be able to use one single integrated gateway regardless of payment choice, and this partnership makes this possible for UATP purchases.”

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