NFC payments to take a back seat for the moment

Focusing on mobile advertising solutions

The wireless operators behind Project Oscar; O2, Vodafone and EE, have announced that their new joint wireless platform, Weve, will initially focus on mobile advertising solutions rather than NFC payments services, which had been originally planned.

Weve did not release any details about when or whether NFC payments services will be launched focussing instead on its mobile advertising service. A statement on its website said: “Weve is a new focal point for a whole new set of experiences and ideas across the mobile spectrum, everywhere from mobile marketing and advertising to payments and transactions, loyalty programs and coupons. It gives businesses access to a single, consolidated consumer base, via a single set of services based on industry communications and security standards. The result: Consistent, secure, highly integrated m-commerce platforms for businesses and a common but powerful user experience for their customers.”

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