Bonsucesso and Rev Worldwide launch Brazil’s first retail prepaid Mastercard

The MEO (My) Card

Bonsucesso and Rev Worldwide, a payment innovations company, have launched the MEO (My) Card, a general purpose reloadable prepaid Mastercard (view press release).

The MEO (My) Card is the first of its kind to be launched in Brazil, and it will be available via grocery stores, pharmacies, and other locations nationwide, offering customers MasterCard network universal acceptance, along with integrated mobile payments functionality.

The MEO Card will bring a new level of financial access to the masses unlike anything that exists in our country today.  It creates an easy way for people to bank without the need to visit a bank location or go through the formal bank account opening process,” said Paulo Henrique Pentagna Guimaraes, Bonsucesso Bank President.

Roy Sosa, CEO of Rev Worldwide, said: “MEO represents our company’s mission to continue to empower customers worldwide with innovative products.  We are proud to have another first, especially in a country like Brazil where so many people need and are ready for this product.”

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