Braintree partners FreshBooks to provide payment gateway

Partnering Braintree

Braintree, a payments platform for online and mobile commerce, is partnering with FreshBooks, a provider of cloud accounting services for small business owners, which will allow FreshBooks to leverage Braintree’s payment processing to provide merchants with a payment gateway (view press release). The partnership offers merchants a single solution for payment processing and accounting services all integrated into one package.

Braintree claims to be able to reduce clients’ PCI compliance requirements due to its Transparent Redirect, Client-side Encryption and Vault features which enables merchants to transact without handling sensitive credit card data.

“Braintree strives to provide excellent payment software and customer service in orfer to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs and business owners,” said Bill Ready, CEO of Briantree. “We’re excited to partner with FreshBooks because they also work tirelessly to provide high quality, cost effective solutions that enable small businesses to focus on their core competency.”

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