Equens chooses RiskShield to combat fraud

Partnership with Inform GmbH

Pan-European card and payment processors Equens, has announced a partnership with Inform GmbH by choosing its RiskShield service to detect fraud and monitor behaviour (view press release).

By using RiskShield, Equens aims to support its customers with real-time risk scoring and follow-up services as well as allowing banks and their customers to increase security in payment processing, fight against fraud and minimise losses.

Eric Luijks, General Manager of Risk Management at Equens SE said: “Every client has their own offerings and requirements for transaction processing. We have decided to mirror these requirements with a uniquely tailored fraud detection and behaviour-monitoring capability. Paired with Equens’ knowledge and expertise in risk and fraud services in the European market, our clients will benefit from unique solutions tailored to their specific needs and requirements.”

“Fraud is an ever-present threat to financial transactions which appears in many forms and can quickly morph into new manifestations,” said Andreas Meyer, Director of the Risk and Fraud Division at INFORM. “Every transaction channel is challenged by fraud. We have designed RiskShield to support multiple channels, transaction types and fraud modus operandi to work in real time to monitor millions of transactions for suspicious characteristics.”

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