Google introduces mobile payments service to the web

The Google wallet

Google has rolled out its payment service to the mobile web in an attempt to boost uptake. Users of its mobile wallet will now be able to buy goods while browsing the internet on their smartphones and tablet devices, reports Strategyeye.

Bringing it into more direct competition with online payments provider PayPal, the signs are that Google is redesigning its Google Wallet service as a broader online payment solution that lets users pay for goods across mobile, web and in-store with a single account.

While many consumers still remain reticent when it comes to making in-store transactions on their phones, there is a growing trend towards spending money and buying goods whilst browsing the internet on smartphones and tablets. Indeed, according to research by integrated network providers Juniper, more and more consumers are using smartphones and devices to purchase online with the number of global mobile shoppers set to reach 580million by the end of 2014, up from 393million this year.

Consumers can now sign-up to use Google’s service by storing their credit card details in a Google Wallet online account and then pay for goods on Google’s app store, as well as web sites that have integrated the ‘Buy With Google’ button.

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