Discover Financial Services and National Security partner for payments system

Payment at your fingertips

Discover Financial Services and Natural Security are working together to pilot a system which utilises biometrics and contactless cards to allow users to make payments with their fingertips, reports Finextra. Discover will pilot the technology from Natural Security in the US, which enables customers to make payments by placing their fingers on biometric readers. The data from their fingers in linked to a contactless card which will work within a distance of one and a half metres of the terminal.

“I believe that leaving your card in your pocket, simply touching a reader, and having the peace-of-mind that your payment is secured by your fingerprint is a right step in delivering that desired payment experience. Equally important, there is minimal impact to the existing payments infrastructure as the transaction can be magnetic stripe or EMV-formatted,” said Troy Bernard, global head of emerging payments at Discover.

“With our technology, a user can be quickly and reliably authenticated, whatever their needs, for example making purchases in-store, online shopping or home banking, withdrawing money on an ATM and access to premises or a PC,” said Cedric Hozanne, CEO at National Security.

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