Merchant Link to add Phoenix’s firewall service to its offering

Providing firewall service

Merchant Link, a payment gateway and data security solutions provider, is to sign a multi-year contract with Phoenix Managed Networks (view press release). Merchant link will offer its customers Phoenix’s award-winning Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) firewall service and breach insurance. The move is designed to secure a merchant’s IT network and customer cardholder data and protect businesses from the high costs of an attack. The new cloud-based management firewall service has an on-site security appliance to lock down the POS system and segregate payment traffic from corporate IT data. The solution requires no technical expertise on behalf of the user to install or manage.

“We are delighted to have signed with Merchant Link. They have an excellent market standing and a client base of tens of thousands of retail, hotel and restaurant businesses across the USA that will benefit from the added layers of security at the point-of-sale,” said Trevor Fall, executive VP for North American sales for Phoenix Managed Networks.

Key benefits of the solution include that it: addresses the PCI DSS requirement to install and maintain a firewall configuration, simplifies the process by pre-populating the PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) document, includes USD 100,000 of breach insurance in the event of a security breach, detects and blocks network intrusions or rogue devices being plugged into the network, guards the POS network from internal threats 24x7x365, assists network administrators by issuing real-time status alerts for potential network or security issues and monitoring staff productivity with available reports on Internet usage, ensures minimum business interruption with the option to connect a 3G network in the event the existing wire connection fails, and is supported by a managed, PCI compliant, cloud-based system that configures and monitors each connection.


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