Spanish bank holds mobile banking app developing marathon

Developing apps

La Caixa’s ‘FinApps Party’, a programming marathon where participants have 24 hours to develop an innovate mobile banking app, was held in Barcelona where first prize went to an app that uses mobile geopositioning to locate the bank’s customer retailers and share information about them via social networks.

The prize, EUR 10,000 was given to Valentí Freixanet and Erola Rabat at the event organised by la Caixa in partnership with the Barcelona Digital Centre Tecnològic.

Teams taking part in the event came from both Spain and other countries such as Mexico, Kenya, Israel and the United Kingdom.

Second place and a prize of EUR 2,000 went to the creators of an app using NFC and Bluetooth for P2P bill-splitting and funds collection while third prize, also of EUR 2,000, was won by a team that created an electronic payment system for retailers based on 3D animations and elements borrowed from videogames.

La Caixa says it may adopt these apps commercially.

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