Prepaid MasterCard launched in Botswana

Prepaid card in Botswana

Prepaid Financial Services (PFS), providers of payment solutions, launches a new prepaid card in Botswana. (view press release).The MADI Express Prepaid MasterCard provides financial payments solutions to customers and is a joint venture between PFS, Prepaid Debit Card Services (PDS), Kingdom Bank Africa Limited and MasterCard Worldwide.

The new card is available in the Pula (BWP) and allows customers to load funds using debit or credit cards, or a bank transfer. Customers with no bank accounts can load cash directly at registered locations.

CEO of PFS Noel Moran said: “The MADI Express Prepaid MasterCard card launch is another example of the growing adoption of prepaid cards in developing countries across the globe. PFS is uniquely positioned to provide full end-to-end prepaid solutions to clients and their customers throughout Africa, in collaboration with our partners. This launch represents the first of many programmes that PFS will roll out in the region, and we are delighted to be leading these prepaid developments across the African continent.”

The MADI Express Prepaid MasterCard can also be used by businesses to make payments to full-time employees and no-salaried workers who may hold informal employment but have no bank account.

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