Barclaycard offers customers chance to win iPhone 5

Barclaycard have launched new game

To celebrate its Christmas campaign, card firm Barclaycard are offering anyone who likes its Barclaycard Facebook page the chance to win one of three 16 GB iPhone 5 phones (view press release). The draw runs from Friday November 16th until just before midnight on Thursday November 22nd and is open to anyone. However, current Barclaycard customers can win a further £250 worth of iTunes vouchers if they are selected.

The draw coincides with the release of the firm’s Toys Unleashed reality game on Thursday November 22nd, as part of its Christmas advertising campaign. The game is free to download from the Apple App store and features three characters from the campaign – Mr. B, Chomp and Mike. The Toys Unleashed game uses skin tracking technology that allows individuals to use their phones to play with the animated characters that will seemingly spring to life in the palm of their hands.

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