Mobile devices becoming more influential on consumer purchasing

Mobile devices becoming more influential

A national survey conducted by Sybase 365, providers of mobile interconnection services and mobile commerce solutions, and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) a trade association for the mobile industry, reports that the use of mobile devices is becoming more influential on consumer decisions at the point of sale and across every stage of the purchasing process (view press release).

The joint survey of 1,000 adults in the United States revealed that 87% said they will use a mobile device to make purchasing decisions over the Christmas period; 50% will use a mobile device to make a purchase and that 44% received a deal alert on their mobile device from Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Groupon, Target or Starbucks.

Respondents also revealed that there are areas they would like to see improved in terms of the shopping experience using mobile devices with 61% saying they would be more willing to use their devices if the experience was enhanced. According to consumers areas that need improvement include more accurate results that are relevant to their shopping habits and exact locations; secure connections to ensure their transactions are safe and faster connection speeds in order to obtain immediate results when they are about to make a purchase.

 “The survey results indicate that consumers are ready and willing to use their mobile device not only to search brands but purchase as well. It is up to the industry to advance the mobile commerce experience and take advantage of this opportunity to engage more meaningfully with consumers.  After all, nothing gets marketers closer to consumers than mobile,” said Michael Becker, Managing Director, MMA North America. 

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