Denmark’s mobile operators to launch mobile payments platform

Telia has entered a joint venture

Denmark’s four mobile network operators are forming an, as of yet, unnamed company with the aim of developing a common platform for mobile payments. The joint venture between Telia, TDC, Telenor and 3Denmark sees Unwire’s Peter Bredgaard become managing director on January 1 2013, and he is tasked with overseeing a three stage project to bring mobile payments to Denmark.

During the first stage customers will be able to make payments via apps and SMS with money being automatically deducted from their phone bill or bank account. In stage two, money will be deducted from their accounts through a system that allows online purchases to be made using a mobile number and PIN, and this will be followed by the introduction of a digital wallet enabling users to add cards such as gym membership, charge cards and coupons.

“Demand for mobile payments is increasing rapidly. With the unique opportunity to bring together all telecom operators’ knowledge about mobile payments, we can meet the need for user-friendly and secure mobile payments,” said Bredgaard.

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