ICICI Bank launches “Insta Netexpress” in Germany

Launching new service in Germany

ICICI Bank is launching a money transfer service that enables Indians living in Germany to send money to India faster and at an assured exchange rate (view press release). “Insta Netexpress” operates through Icici’s online money tracking transfer platform www.money2india.eu that facilitates tracking of money transfers from 17 Eurozone countries to beneficiaries in India, and is being offered to users in Germany in association with web-based payment infrastructure services provider PAY. ON. AG.

As well as aiming to offer competitive exchange rates, other features of “Insta Netexpress” include no processing fee or service charge and toll free telephone support. “The PAY.ON technology enables online payments by classical as well as alternative payment methods, thus enabling ICICI Bank to serve its clients by integrating solutions that specifically meet their payment demands,” said Dr Tschangiz Scheybani, Managing Director of PAY.ON Asia. 

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