Aconite launches new PIN Management Solution

New solution for end-to-end lifecycle management

Aconite, providers of card payment and mobile management solutions, are launching a solution for the end-to-end lifecycle management of PINs and other digital credentials, called Aconite PIN Manager (APM) (view press release).

The new product can manage PINs for both magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards, where control of Offline PIN change and reset via EMV Scripting is integrated, and aims to unify the generation, distribution and authentication of PINs across multiple card management systems and over diverse channels. APM also extends into the management of other digital credentials such as biometrics across multiple smart products, including mobiles.

“With card issuing often split across platforms, perhaps for debit and credit cards or because of processor mergers and acquisitions, there is a need to provide a unified solution with common standards and procedures to ensure consistent and secure handling of PINs. Couple this with the need to move away from expensive and insecure PIN mailers and to integrate with modern delivery mechanisms such as mobile and web-banking, and the case for a new solution becomes clear. Aconite PIN Manager delivers against those requirements and positions customers for mobile and for other types of credential,” said Mike Woods, Chief Executive of Aconite. 

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