Fingerprint Cards lands SEK20m order in China

Received order for SEK20m from China

Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) has received an order worth SEK20m from its distributor in China and Taiwan, Hardware & Software Technologies Co. Ltd (HST). The order encompasses the FPC1011F3 area sensor (view press release). The order is scheduled for delivery in the first and second quarters of 2013.

Fingerprint Cards markets, develops and produces biometric components and technologies that through the analysis and matching of an individual’s unique fingerprint verify the person’s identity. The technology consists of biometric sensors, processors, algorithms and modules, and can be used for banking applications and can also be implemented in volume products such as smart cards and mobile phones as well as in IT and internet security.

Johan Carlström, President and CEO of Fingerprint Cards AB said: “The timing of this order is in line with the most optimistic forecast we provided in the financial reports for the first and second quarters of 2012 and it confirms our number one position in the Chinese market for capacitive area sensors, where FPC has a market share exceeding 80%.”

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