Apriva continues discounted rate offer for cashless vending

Offering discounted rate programme

End-to-end wireless transactions and secure information solutions provider Apriva, is continuing its discounted rate programme offer to merchant acquirers and Independent Sales Organisations (ISOs) that serve Apriva Vend customers who deploy cashless vending technology (view press release).

The rates, which are immediately available, are comparable to pre Durbin Amendment rates, and cover payments made by Visa-branded credit, debit, and pre-payment cards. Apriva Vend aims to give vending operators the ability to enhance customer satisfaction, improve efficiency, increase sales and profit margins. It incorporates system hardware and software, wireless connectivity, transaction and alarm reporting capabilities and integration with payment processors and financial institutions.

“The overwhelming majority of vending operators that have deployed cashless solutions have reported a tremendous uptick in sales, along with lower operating costs and higher profits,” said Rinaldo Spinella, Apriva’s executive vice president and general manager for unattended solutions. “We expect that this discounted rate programme will be a strong inducement for vending operators to implement the Apriva Vend solution into their businesses.”

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