Alaric payment solution deployed in Central America

Launching Authentic payment solution

Global payments and fraud prevention company, Alaric International, is launching its Authentic payment solution at Mexican and Central American retailer Sanborns (view press release). Authentic is an intelligent transaction services hub and is being used by Sanborns’ staff and Alaric’s local partner, Stratus Mexico, to process transactions arising from all Grupo Sanborns stores in México and Central America, including some 500 Sanborns, Sears, Mixup, Dorians and Saks stores and 10,000 POS devices in total.

The new payments service  handles credit and debit card transactions, loyalty and gift card transactions, enables banking transactions at the point-of-sale and permits payment for airline tickets, credit card bills, insurance, utility bills and mobile top ups, as well as handling bricks-and-mortar transactions. It also facilitates payments arising from Grupo Sanborns multiple online stores.

Alberto Huacuja, Sanborns CIO said: “We are very happy with Authentic, particularly its flexibility which allows us to radically differentiate ourselves from the competition in terms of rapid introduction of new products and services.”

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