Billtrust adds btConnect for eBanking to its automated services

Expanding btConnect accounts suite

Billtrust is adding btConnect for eBanking, to its suite of btConnect accounts receivable automation services (view press release). The addition allows billers to expedite the bill delivery and payment process by enabling consumers to receive and pay bills at their bank’s bill pay site.

When e-payments are made, electronic funds are typically available within 24 hours, resulting in businesses receiving settlement of their funds on average 4-7 days quicker than with a paper cheque.

“btConnect for eBanking facilitates one of the fastest-growing channels for paying bills—the customer’s own e-banking portal,” said Flint Lane, Billtrust CEO and President.  “As a customer centric service it is designed to improve how businesses transact with their customers. Even more, it eliminates paper, reduces labour and printing costs, and increases accuracy and efficiency.”


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