Komercni Bank launching mobile app innovations

Launching mobile innovations

The Czech Republic’s Komercni Banka is launching a number of direct banking innovations including payments using QR codes for mobile phones that enables users to scan codes with the camera on their smartphone which then converts the application into a pre-completed order after which the customer confirms the transmission (view press release).

The use of these codes has been enabled by the standardisation of the form of the codes within the Czech Banking Association. Other new innovations offered by Komercni include Mobilní banka 2; which allows customers to send payments via their smart phone to any account from the telephone that the client selects; Pension Reform in Mobile Phone, which “translates” the pension reform into a simple and understandable form for clients; and MojeKarta in Mobile Phone, which enables users to create their own design of payment cards issued by Komerční banka. These new innovations are all compatible with Windows 8.

Mojmír Prokop, head of Direct Banking at Komerční Banka said: “The Mobilní banka 2 user will simply scan the post money order by their camera phone and have it automatically converted into a payment order. The application will prepare the payment order and the client will only confirm the execution of the payment.”

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