What the future looks like for the Cloud and mobile POS

Cloud and mobile POS meet

Market Platform Dynamics CEO Karen Webster spoke to Jason Richelson, CEO of ShopKeep and Ken Paull, CEO of ROAM about the intersection of the cloud and mobile POS, two major players in the payments industry, “at a time when mobile purchases, merchant interest in data and payments flexibility are of ever-increasing importance”.

“We’ve now realized that by having a cloud-based point of sale system with the front end running on tablets, we can deliver a whole bunch of other interesting stuff to consumers, which is what a whole lot of other people out there are not doing,” said Richelson, adding that mobile POS should address issues like sales strategies, support issues, technical problems and data storage. Both him and Paul agreed that tablets would have a major impact on mobile POS, with Richelson saying he believes within the next three years, half of POS terminals will incorporate tablet use for cashiering.

Paull also spoke of the fact that both ROAM and ShopKeep are “taking technologies that exist at one end of the merchant size spectrum and attempting to make them applicable for those on the other side as well.”

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