VeriFone Systems announces sale of lottery tickets at fuel pumps

Play at pump

VeriFone Systems has announced that the first US lottery ticket sale at the fuel pump was printed at a Greater Minneapolis area convenience store and gas station in November (view press release). VeriFone and its partner, Linq3, have implemented ‘play at the pump’ at nine locations in Minneapolis. The pumps are fitted with VeriFone’s payment enabled media solution, PAYMEDIA, which allows consumers to buy quick pick numbers for Powerball and Mega Millions draws and utilising debit card payments whilst they fill their tanks.

 “We believe that play at the pump allows us to easily expand the distribution of lottery products and make the purchase of a ticket more convenient,” said Ed Van Petten, executive director of the Minnesota State Lottery. “This delivery method reaches a casual player who may want the convenience of making a lottery purchase while at these locations. It is a means for the Minnesota State Lottery to generate additional revenue for the state and its’ important beneficiaries. It will also provide additional revenue and media elements to help lottery retailers grow their business.”

PAYMEDIA for Secure PumpPAY delivers video and audio and promotions on lottery jackpots. Consumers are age verified and enrolled at the pump. Winnings under USD 600 are automatically deposited to the debit card-linked account.

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