Aconite becomes member of Smart Card Alliance’s EMV Migration Forum

Member of the Smart Card Alliance’s EMV Migration Forum

Aconite has become a member of the Smart Card Alliance’s EMV Migration Forum, an independent, cross-industry body created by the Smart Card Alliance to promote efficient migration to EMV-enabled cards, devices and terminals in the US (view press release). Aconite is expanding its activities in the US to bring its EMV migration solutions to card issuing banks, credit unions and third-party processors. Aconite can offer US customers EMV software, and its experience in EMV payments and programmes.

Aconite will be proposing Smart EMV Manager, a software package that can upgrade an existing card transaction processing system to fully featured EMV capability, and Affina Enterprise, a smart card and application management system. The two new offerings are specifically to support EMV migration in the US.

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