QuickPay integrates with T2 Systems

Integrating with T2 Systems

QuickPay, a provider of mobile parking payment solutions, is integrating with T2 Systems, a provider of unified parking management systems for enforcement, permit management, events, access and revenue control (view press release). The move allows for enforcement of QP QuickPay mobile parking payments using T2’s handheld enforcement software, to give parking enforcement officers the ability to check the status of a space in one application on a single device.

Payment status data is transferred in the cloud from QP QuickPay system to T2 Flex and made available instantly on T2 handheld devices and keeps offices updated with real-time information on mobile phone transactions. The system offers back-end analytics and reporting, allowing parking providers to evaluate parking usage and patterns. Parking patrons benefit from multiple payment options, including the ability to pay by smartphones app, text message or voice with QP QuickPay.

“Mobile payments are on the rise across many industries, and parking is no exception. We are pleased that the open architecture of our T2 Flex solution enables efficient enforcement of QP QuickPay mobile payments, allowing our customers and their customers to take advantage of this convenient option, and ultimately to have a better parking experience,” said Irena Goloschokin, T2 Systems executive VP of strategy and products.

“Mobile payments help parking providers to differentiate their services, transform costly cash transactions into efficient digital ones and remove anonymity from the system,” said Barney Pell, chairman and CEO of QuickPay. “T2 is a leader in parking technology. Our integration with T2 solutions provides our shared customers the ease of mobile phone payments and guarantees unified and efficient enforcement and reporting.”

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