Pepi Companies announce transition to 100% cashless

!00% cashless transition

USA Technologies and the Pepi Companies have completed Pepi’s transition to 100% cashless (view press release). Pepi, a food, vending and coffee solutions business, is thought to be the first full-service food and beverage vending company that offers cashless on all its vending equipment. Pepi utilises USAT’s ePort cashless payment technology and comprehensive ePort Connect service for its vending machine base.

“At Pepi, we don’t believe cashless is an option in our business any longer—it’s a necessity,” said Vic Pemberton, president and founder of the Pepi companies. “From a consumer perspective, the younger generation just doesn’t carry cash anymore and we need to overcome that. The idea of any potential customer walking by our machines and not being able to buy something is just bad business. In addition, technology’s impact on our industry is moving at a fast pace.”

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