increase their availability by collaborating with QuickBooks

Collaborating with QuickBooks

The leader in financial management,, has revealed a new collaboration with QuickBooks online. This will allow more users to benefit from the system, including small businesses which can shape the technology to suit their specific needs. allows for better control over financial tasks, allowing bills to be paid online, remote mobile access, bank account synchronisation, as well as providing more storage space.

By digitalising the bill payment system, and moving away from paper billing, the process is simplified. Leaders in finance receive payment much faster and are able to link their bank, bookkeeping and business whilst still obtaining control over their accounts and taking relevant security measures.

Director of the Intuit Partner Platform, Alex Chris: “ has been a leading solution on our platform, receiving strong positive customer feedback, so we are excited it is now available to even more small businesses. Allowing our millions of users to fully and easily personalize QuickBooks with gives them not only a superior financial management solution but lets them spend more time growing their business and less time chasing down transactions.”

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