Latitude publishes Next-Gen Retail: Mobile and Beyond report

Online shopping report

A study by Latitude, Next-Gen Retail: Mobile & Beyond, reports that smartphones and tablets are fundamentally changing how people think about shopping (view press release). Mobile shopping apparently makes people feel more relaxed, productive and informed, and makes them more open minded and receptive to new things.

909 smartphone owners aged 20-59 from the US and the UK took part in the study. 65% were dual owners, and owned both a tablet and a smartphone. The study analysed shoppers’ mindsets, motivations, behaviours and unmet needs around online and physical retail. Another study collected generative, online activity of ‘future requests’ for ways to enhance shopping experiences.

 “What’s exciting about mobile is that it allows people to make transactions without being in a transactional mindset. You can be out with friends, watching TV, or cooking in your kitchen and suddenly you have access to making a transaction in a way you didn’t before,” said Neela Sakaria, EVP of Latitude. “Surprisingly, we found that many people prefer using their mobile devices for shopping even while at home. This means mobile isn’t just about ‘on-the-go’ convenience when it comes to shopping—which opens up some interesting possibilities for retailers to reach people in new, and perhaps more engaging, ways.”

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