Alaric signs partnership with Philippines’ Channel Group

Expanding in Asia-Pacific

Channel Group will resell Alaric’s Authentic payment and Fractals fraud prevention systems to its client base in the banking sector according to terms of a signed partnership agreement.

Channel Group’s Managing Director Wally Sandoval said: “We are aware that several banks in the region are poised to make decisions on a major technology refresh in the next couple of years. With our extremely close relationship with these institutions we are confident that there will be strong demand for Alaric’s products.”

On the other hand Alaric International Director Paul Griffin added, “The Philippines has some highly innovative ideas, particularly in the convergence of banking and mobile technology. However, the region suffers from an ageing infrastructure which is in desperate need of replacement. Overall the Philippines has had a poor experience of ‘low cost’ solutions and many banks have moved to outsourced alternatives simply out of frustration.”

The move further strengthens Alaric’s continuing growth and expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.

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